Rental Emag Tutorial

This is your guide to how to create the Rental eMag. Though there are several steps in this process, it is relatively simple, and so should not be very difficult.

This tutorial covers all steps involved in the creation and distribution of the Rental eMag, and includes notated screenshots which can be expanded by clicking on them.

The eMag must be completed by roughly 3pm each Wednesday, in order for it to be sent out to its mailing list in time.

You will also need access to my computer, with log in details to be provided by either Lee Ooi or Stephen Si.

Part 1

Step 1

First log in to my computer, then go to the LJ Hooker Dashboard and select Office Admin (marked in red below).
Tutorial 1

This will open the Admin Home page. Select the "Emag Management" icon (marked in red below).
Tutorial 2

This will open a list of all the current eMags hosted by LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills. Click on the file named "Rental Emag - 19th July, 2017" (marked in red below).
Tutorial 2a

This will open up the eMag for editing. First, change the title from "Rental Emag - 19 July 2017" to "Rental Emag - 26th June 2017".

You will need to do this every week, changing the date each time to the following Wednesday's date.

Once this is done, keep the expiry date as "Never Expires", then click on both "Save" and "Next."

Step 2

You will now be looking at the Linked Properties page, which looks like this:
Tutorial 3

To ensure the eMag is up to date, first remove all properties from the list (circled as number 1 in red above).

Once you have done this, click on the "Add Listings" button (circled as number 2 in red above). This will bring up a page like this:
Tutorial 4

This window will automatically go to the Residential list (circled as number 1 in red above), so first change this to the Rental list.

Then, select all properties (circled as number 2 in red above). This will only select all the properties on the page you're currently on, so go through all pages available with the "Next" button (circled as number 3 in red above).

Once you have selected every property available, click on the "Add Selected" button. This will add all properties to the Listing list. Scroll to the bottom of this list, and click on the words "Select All". Then, click on "Change All", and select the "Three Image" option from the pop up.

Step 3

You will next see the "Image Inserts" page, which will look like this:
Tutorial 5a

This will have two image inserts already included (marked in red above). You do not need to add anything else, so simply proceed to the next page.

Step 4

You will now be viewing the "Page Layout" section. Here you can set the order of all pages in the Rental eMag.

The properties will automatically be ordered from highest to lowest rent, so all you'll need to do is move the Finance insert to the back of the booklet (marked in red below).
Tutorial 6

To do this, simply drag and drop the page to the correct location.

Step 5

You will now be viewing the "Cover Page" section, which will look like this:
Tutorial 7

First, change the name of the Rental Emag to the correct date, which will be for the Wednesday of the week. Do not change the Title section.

Next, ensure the correct cover page layout is selected (marked in red above), then click on the "Browse..." button at the bottom of the page to select a new property for the cover.

This will open the file browser. Copy and paste this location into the address bar:

F:\Dominic\Rental Emag Covers

This folder holds the property images for the three weeks you will be creating the Rental Emag. Select either the image marked "Week 1", "Week 2", or "Week 3" as appropriate.

Once this has been selected, click on the "Upload" button, then click on Save and Next.

You will then be taken to the "Sharing" page. Click on the "No - I'm Finished!" button; this will exit the Rental eMag page and return you to the "EMag Management" page.

Part 2

Step 1

You will now need to email the Rental eMag to the public. To do this, you will need access to Kate Pearson's computer. First, consult with Kate to organise an appropriate time and to request her log in details.

Once you have done this, log on to Kate's computer and open the Google Chrome web browser. This will open her home page, which will look like this:
Tutorial 8

Click on the "Log Ins" page (marked in red above), and select Inspect Real Estate.

This will take you the the Inspect Real Estate log in page, which should laready have Kate's log in details in place. If not, consult with Kate to request her Inspect Real Estate log in details.

Step 2

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see the dashboard, which will look like this:
Tutorial 9

Click on the "Tenants" section, then again select "Tenants" (marked in red above).

This will open the "Tenants Enquiries" page, which will look like this:
Tutorial 10

First, ensure you have only current enquiries selected (circled in red as 1 above). Next, select all people on the page (circled in red as 2 above). Then, click on the "Tenant Action" button (circled in red as 3 above), and select "Contact Multiple Tenants."

Step 3

You will now see the Contact Multiple Tenants window. First, remove all the automatically generated text in the boxes (circled in red as 1, 2, and 3 respectively below).

Then, type in "" in the "From" section, and "LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills - Weekly Rental Emag" in the "Subject" section (circled in red as 1 and 2 respectively below).
Tutorial 11

Then, open the source code window for the email by clicking on the "<>" icon (circled in red as 4 above).

Step 4

You will now be viewing the "Source code" window, which looks like this:
Tutorial 12

Go to this file location:


and open the notepad file named "Rental Emag Bulk Email Code". Copy all the code within the file, then paste it into the source code window, then click "ok".

Step 5

You will now be viewing the final version of the bulk email, and will soon send it out. However, you must first check to see if the code is working. To do this, click on the Preview icon, which is located next to the source code icon in the Contact Multiple Tenants Window.

You will see a preview like this:
Tutorial 13

Click on the "Click here to view" button. If the code is working, you will be taken to the current Rental eMag. If so, click on "Close" and proceed to Step 6. If not, you will be taken to a dead page, and will need to proceed to Step 5a

Step 5a

If you encounter a dead page, go back to the Rental Emag Bulk Email Code notepad file in F:\Dominic and search for this line:

href=" "

and replace the web address "" with the current eMag's web address, which can be found in the eMag Management section in the admin of the LJ Hooker website (first discussed in Step 1 - Part 1).

Please note, it is overwhelmingly unlikely that you will experience any issues with this code, so please do not worry about this possibility.

Step 6

Once the email code is working, you now simply need to send the email.

To do this, close the preview mode, and click the "Send" button (circled in red below).
Tutorial 15

Once this is done, you will return to the Tenant Enquiries section (first discussed in Part 2 - Step 2).

Step 7

You have now sent the bulk email to the first page of enquiries. You will now simply need to send it to the remaining four pages.

Deselect the "Select All/None" button, then scroll to the bottom of the page and select the next page in line. Repeat Part 2 - Steps 3-6 until you reach the final page.

You have now successfully created and distributed the Rental eMag.


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