Weekly Booklet Tutorial

This is your guide to how to create the Weekly Booklet. Though this is a long process, it is relatively simple, and so should not be very difficult.

This tutorial covers all steps involved in the creation of a new Weekly Booklet, and includes notated screenshots which can be expanded by clicking on them.

The booklet must be completed by roughly 3pm each Wednesday, in order to allow time for Stephen Si to add the Simplified Chinese translation.

If you're looking for the tutorial on how to send out the Weekly Booklet bulk email, please click here.


You will need:

     A current Weekly Booklet (available at reception, or to be printed off by Stephen)

     A copy of both the Open For Inspection (OFI) and Motivated Properties lists (available from Stephen)

     A Rex account (available from my computer)

     InDesign 2017 (available from my computer)

     Access to F Drive, and P Drive (available from my computer)

     A highlighter

     A pen

Part 1

Step 1

On either Tuesday or Wednesday, take a copy of the current Weekly Booklet, and go to the Rex dashboard, which will look like this:
WBTutorial 1

Go through the booklet, searching each property in Rex (in the search box marked in blue above).

If a property has been sold, it will have either "Under Contract" or "Unconditional" on it (marked in blue below). If so, cross it out in the booklet. If it has not been sold, mark it with a tick.
WBTutorial 2.png

If a property was up for auction, but did not sell, cross out only its auction date, and write in the property's new price instead.

If a property is listed as one price in the booklet, and another in Rex, cross out the booklet price and write the Rex price instead.

Do this for all properties.

Step 2

Copy and paste the following address into your file browser:


Create a new folder, and name it "2017-07-25".

Open the folder marked "2017-07-18" and copy the file named "Weekly Booklet" to your new folder.

Step 3

Open this file.

This will open Indesign 2017, which is also available on my desktop here:

Tutorial 3

You will see a pop-up referring to missing and modified links. Ignore this and select "Don't Update Links" (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 4

You will see a second pop up referring to missing fonts. Ignore this also, and select "Close" (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 5

You will now be viewing the current Weekly Booklet, which will look like this:
Tutorial 6

Go through the file, deleting any properties you have marked as sold.

To do this, make sure you've selected the black mouse icon (marked in blue below), then click and drag a rectangle over the entire listing. If done correctly, the to-be-deleted property will go from looking like the property on the left to the property on the right below.
Tutorial 7

Once the property is correctly highlighted, simply press delete.

For properties that have changed from Auction to For Sale, once again select the black mouse icon, then double click on the "Auction on Site 现场拍卖" text, highlight it and replace it with this text: "For Sale 售价"

Do this again with the auction date below, and write in the property's price.

Go through the entire booklet, and also make sure to update the prices of any For Sale properties you noted in Step 1.

Step 4

You will now need to reorder the Weekly Booklet, so that no For Sale properties are in the Auction section.

First, you must create a new page in the booklet. To do this, double click on one of the pages in the "Pages" section to the right of the screen (marked in blue below).

Then, right click your selected page and select "Duplicate Page." This will create a copy of the page at the bottom of the booklet.
Tutorial 8

Once this is done, double click on the new page in the "Pages" section, then click and drag it so it is next to the last property-related page in the booklet.

Then, simply delete all properties on this new page, as you did in Step 3.

Finally, return to the Auction section of the booklet, and highlight any properties that are now For Sale. Once highlighted, click and drag these properties one-by-one down to the new page.

To help you place these properties correctly, you can also bring up the page's margins by pressing "W" when you have nothing selected.

This will take a page from this:

Tutorial 9

To this:
Tutorial 10

Then, simply align the corners of the four properties to the corners of the margins.

Repeat this process as needed.

Part 2

Step 1

You will now need to check what properties need to be placed in the weekly booklet.

To do this, make sure you have a copy of the most recent Open For Inspection (OFI) list from Stephen, which will look like this:
Tutorial 11

Stephen will also give you a copy of the Motivated Properties List, which will be handwritten.

Return to the Weekly Booklet InDesign file, and press CTRL+F to bring up the search box. Search the booklet for every property in the OFI list.

If a property is in the booklet, mark it on the OFI list with your highlighter. If the property is not in the Weekly Booklet, leave it blank on the OFI list.

Repeat this process with the Motivateds list until you have marked every property on both lists that is currently in the Weekly Booklet. The properties that are unmarked are the ones you'll soon be adding to the Weekly Booklet.

Please note: You may find some properties in the Motivateds list no longer have any open home inspections scheduled. Should this be the case, simply change the "View 参观" section details to "By Appointment".

Don't worry too much about this however, as you will have time to update the property details more thoroughly later.

Step 2

Sometimes, a property will run through its cycle of auctions and open homes without selling. If a property is not in either the OFI or Motivated lists, but is still in the Weekly Booklet, it must now be removed from the booklet.

To do this, go through the Weekly Booklet, and compare each property in its pages against the OFI and Motivated lists.

When you find a property that is in neither list, first ensure you have nothing selected, and press "W" to bring up the margins again. As you did in Part 1 - Step 3, highlight the entire property, however this time simply drag the property outside of the page, as shown below:
Tutorial 12
Tutorial 13

Don't worry about deleting this property, as any properties outside the page will not be included in the final PDF of this document. These properties may also be needed later on, however this will be discussed further below.

Do this for any other properties.

Part 3

By now, you will have updated any current properties in the booklet, and removed any which do not belong. You now need to add the new properties to the booklet.

Step 1

You will need to start with the Auctions section. Go through the OFI list and find any auctions that have not yet been added.

Then, in the Auctions section of the Weekly Booklet, find a property with a blank space next to it.

If there are no properties with blank spaces next to them, simply create a new page and drag it to the Auctions section, as you did in Part 1, Step 4.

Once you've found a property with a space next to it, highlight the entire property as you did in Step 1, Part 3, then copy and paste it with CTRL+C and CTRL+V in the blank space as shown below.

Please note, when the copy is pasted, it will not appear in the correct location automatically. You will need to drag it to align with the page margins, so remember to have these displayed before starting.
Tutorial 14
Tutorial 15
Tutorial 16

Step 2

This copy will now become the template for your new auction listing.

First, go to Rex and search for the Auction property you wish to add.

Sometimes a property will appear on the OFI list before it is complete in Rex. If this is the case, it will lack several tabs in its profile, and you will not have the "Brochure" option available (marked in blue below).

For comparison, the property on the left is incomplete, whereas the property on the right is complete.
Tutorial 18

If a property is incomplete in Rex, simply cross it out in the OFI and move on to the next auction on the list.

Once you have found a property that is complete in Rex, go the Brochure tab mentioned above, and click on "View Custom E-Brochure". This will open the property's page on the LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills website.

Then, simply change the details of the property you copied in InDesign to match the details of the new property on the website.

To change the InDesign file's details, double click on the text you wish to change. You will then be able to type as you would in a Word document.

Be sure to remove the Chinese text completely, as Stephen will add this himself once you are finished. Also, when adding in the description paragraph below the headline, simply copy the first one or two sentences from the website's description.

Step 3

Once you have changed all the details, you will need to change the property's photo.

First, copy and paste this address into your file browser:


This location holds the photos for every property we currently list. Search for the relevant property and open its file, then open the file marked "No Watermark" and find the photo that matches the first photo shown on the website.

Then, simply drag and drop the photo from the file browser onto the photo in the InDesign file, (marked in blue below):
Tutorial 20
Tutorial 21

Do this for all auction properties in the OFI list. Once you have added in all the new auctions, you must then order them according to the date they are auctioned. To do this, simply highlight the entire listing as you did in Part 1 - Step 3, then drag and drop them into the right order.

Please note, if you have blank spaces at the end of the Auction section due to there not being enough auctions, simply fill them with new listings from the OFI list. Then, as you did with the auctions, go through the New Listings section and add any properties from both the OFI and Motivateds lists.

Step 4

Once you have added all the relevant properties, you may find some blank spaces left in the Weekly Booklet. If so, simply find one of the properties in the grey area of the InDesign file (first mentioned in Part 2 - Step 2), and drag it to fill the blank space.

Please note, you must first check this property in Rex to ensure its details are still correct and that the property has not been sold. If the property has been sold, simply delete it and choose another.

Part 4

Step 1

You have now completed the rough draft of the Weekly Booklet.

You will now need to create a PDF version to edit. To do this, go to "File", and click on "Export".

This will open a file browser for you to save the new file. Copy and paste this address into the file browser:


Then, make sure you select "Adobe PDF (Print)" as the file type (marked in blue below), and save the file as "Weekly Booklet - Draft".

Tutorial 22

Leave the program for roughly five minutes to export the file, then open up the new PDF file and print one copy.

For the best results, select "\\sid7786\XeroxMarketing_A3_Tray2" as the Printer, and "Booklet" in the Page Size & Handling section (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 23

Step 2

Once you have printed off your draft copy, you must now go through each property and check for any mistakes or changes. This may take up to two hours, and as you may also be fatigued after undergoing all steps necessary to creating the booklet, you may wish to leave this task for a day, to return to it on Wednesday.

When you are ready, go through the booklet draft, checking each property's details against its details on the website. As a reminder, you can bring up each property's details in Rex, and view its webpage by selecting "View Custom E-Brochure" (first mentioned in Part 3 - Step 2).

As was first mentioned in Part 2 - Step 1, you may find some properties in the booklet no longer have any open home inspections scheduled. Once again, simply change the "View 参观" section details to "By Appointment".

You may also notice a computer and swimmer icons, next to the bed, bath, and car icons. These represent whether the property has a study or pool respectively. If a property has these, they will be mentioned in the "Key Property Details" section at the bottom of its LJ Hooker website.

If you notice any errors, correct them in the InDesign file. Once you have finished this, save your work and inform Stephen Si.

You have now finished creating the Weekly Booklet.


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