Weekly Booklet Distribution Tutorial

This tutorial will explain how to send out the Weekly Booklet as a bulk email through Rex, and is intended to be used only after the Weekly Booklet has been exported as a PDF by either Stephen Si or Rudi Muchtar.

This tutorial covers all steps involved in the distribution of a new Weekly Booklet, and includes notated screenshots which can be expanded by clicking on them.


You will need:

     Access to Issuu

     Access to the "Newsletter" section of Rex

     Access to InDesign

Part 1

Step 1

You will first need to upload the completed Weekly Booklet to Issuu, an online magazine hosting service.

Click here to open our Issuu account. If you need to log in, the log in details are:



Step 2

This will take you to our publication list, which holds all the files we have published on Issuu. Scroll to the bottom, where the second last file will be called "Auctions and Open Homes". Hover over the Options icon on the far right side of this file, and select "Re-upload Publication" (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 10

Step 3

You will now be viewing the file upload window in Issuu, which will look like this:
Tutorial 11

Simply go to the Weekly Booklet's file location in your computer, which will be the most recent folder in this location:


Then drag and drop the "Weekly-Booklet-DIGITAL" file into the correct position on the website.

The file will then begin to upload. Once this is done, you will automatically return to the Publications list, which will say the file is "Converting". This will take a few minutes, so close this window. The process should be complete by the time you have completed the remaining steps.

Part 2

Step 1

Once the Weekly Booklet has been uploaded, you will now need to create the bulk email image.

Copy and paste the following address into your file browser:


and open the "Emag Bulk Email" InDesign file, which will look like this:
Tutorial 1

Find a photo from P Drive of a property in the Weekly Booklet (ideally one that will be auctioned over the coming weekend), and drag and drop it to replace the property photo currently in place.

Step 2

Once you are satisfied with the image, you will now need to export the file. To do this, click on "File", and then select "Export".

This will open the file browser, which will look like this:
Tutorial 2

Save the file in in this location:


under the name "cover_<day><month>" following the standard set by the other files.

Finally, ensure the file is saved as a JPEG (marked in blue above).

Part 3

Step 1

Once the image has been exported, you will need to upload it to Rex so it can be used in the email.

To do this, first go to the Rex Dashboard, then select "Newsletters" from the "Admin" tab (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 3

This will take you to the Newsletter section. First, select the "Filter Newsletters" button, and type the words "Image Uploader" into the Name field and select "Apply Filter".

This will find the Image Uploader email. Click on this email to open it.

Step 2

You will now be viewing the Image Uploader email dashboard, which will look like this:
Tutorial 4

Go to the "Customise the template" section (marked in blue above), which will look like this:
Tutorial 5

Hover over the eMag image, and select the "Edit" option (marked in blue above), which will open the Edit Block window.

Step 3

You will now be viewing the Edit Block window, which looks like this:
Tutorial 6

Click on the "Upload Image" button (marked in blue above); this will open up your file browser. Copy and paste this address into the browser:


and select the bulk email image you exported in Part 1 - Step 2.

Wait for this to load through, and then click "Save".

Please note, this program may sometimes prematurely announce its completion, so wait a few moments after the image appears to have uploaded before saving. If image does not appear to have uploaded, simply close the Edit Block window and then repeat the process.

Part 4

Step 1

With the new bulk email image now uploaded, you will need to import it into the HTML code for the bulk email. Please don't worry if do not have any experience with HTML coding, as you will simply need to copy and paste certain details into a pre-written template.

First, you will need to access your copy of the code. Copy and paste this address into your file browser:


and open the "Weekly Booklet Email Code" Notepad file saved there.

You will see an isolated line of code, with "INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE" (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 9

Once you have located this line, leave the file open for the moment, as you will return to it later.

Step 2

You will now need to get the web address for the image. To do this, click on the "Popup Preview" button (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 7

This will open a preview of the image. Right click on this image and select "View Image" (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 8

This will open the image as its own webpage.

Copy this web address, and paste it into the Notepad file to replace the "INSERT WEB ADDRESS HERE" text you found in Part 3 - Step 1 earlier.

Part 5

Step 1

You are nearly finished the process, and simply need to send out the email.

Return to the Newsletters section of Rex, first mentioned in Part 3 - Step 1, however this time filter the newsletters for "eMag".

This will bring up all the eMag emails sent through Rex. Hover over the most recent email, click on the arrow and select "Duplicate" (marked in blue below).
Tutorial 12

This will open a popup to name the new eMag email. Simply name it "eMag <day>/<month> following the convention of the other eMag emails and click "Duplicate".

Step 2

You will now see the eMag email dashboard, similar to the Image Uploader dashboard you encountered in Part 3 - Step 2 earlier.

Once again, go to the "Customise the template" section, then click on the "Edit" option.

This time, however, this will bring up a HTML block, which will look like this:
Tutorial 13

Remove all the code from the text box in this window, then copy and paste the code from the "Weekly Booklet Email Code" Notepad file you opened in Part 4 - Step 1 into the text box and click save.

This will update the email to the new image, which will also now link to the Weekly Booklet on Issuu.

Step 3

You have now created a new eMag bulk email, and simply need to test it before sending it out.

To do this, click on the "Send Test Email" button located next to the "Popup Preview" button first mentioned in Part 4 - Step 2.

Enter your email address into the window this opens, then click on "Done". This will send a test email to this address, with a copy of the email as it will appear to those on the mailing list.

Once you receive the email, check it works by clicking on both the "Click here to view" button, and the "Click here if image does not load" text. Both these links should lead to the current eMag on Issuu.

If they do not, return to the Issuu dashboard first mentioned in Part 1 - Step 2, and ensure first that the eMag has uploaded to Issuu, and that you have uploaded the eMag to the correct file location.

Step 4

Once you have checked the email, and it is working correctly, you now simply need to send it out.

Click on the "Review & send campaign" tab (marked in blue below), then confirm that the Mailing List is for "Active Buyers". If not, return to the "Setup your campaign" tab, clear out any lists in the "mailing lists" field, then search for "Active Buyers".
Tutorial 14

Once this is done, scroll to the bottom of the "Review & send campaign" page, and click on the "Send Campaign" button.

This will open a popup, similar to the one pictured below, asking you to confirm the campaign. Click "Confirm".
Tutorial 15

You have now sent the bulk email.

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