Window Card Tutorial

This is your guide to updating the window cards, which will need to occur weekly.

This tutorial covers all steps involved in updating the window cards, and includes notated screenshots which can be expanded by clicking on them.

The entire process takes between two and three hours, however it can easily be put on hold and taken up again at a later time. For reference, past Window Card Layout sheets can be found in the black plastic display book in the second drawer of my desk.


You will need:

     A Rex account (available from my computer)

     Access to F Drive, and P Drive (available from my computer)

     Adobe PDF Editor (available from my computer)

     A print copy of the Window Card Layout (available from my computer)

     A four colour pen (available from my desk)

Part 1

Step 1

First, print off a copy of the Window Card Layout excel sheet, which is available at this address in your file browser:


and is also in the Documents section of my computer, and will look like this:
Tutorial 1

As you face windows from inside the lobby, the card marked "A1" is in the top right corner (circled in red above), while the card marked "O4" (also circled in red above) is in the bottom left.

The side window is slightly different, as the two columns closest to the door are reserved for the Rental department's window cards. In this layout:
Tutorial 2

The card marked "A4" is in the bottom right hand corner (circled in red above), whereas the card marked "G1" (also circled in red above) is actually the third window card from the left in the top row. Further, the window cards marked "G2" and "G3" are designated for use for announcements and Special Projects cards, and will not be filled by properties.

Please note: Rental window cards are easily discernible from Sale window cards as they feature four rental properties per card, whereas Sales feature only one.

Step 2

Next, go to the Rex Dashboard and search for each property in the Window Card Layout. If a property's price on your sheet is different from that in Rex, cross out the price on your sheet and write the new price in. Also, if a property is marked "Under contract", "unconditional", "sold", or "withdrawn", cross it out and note this window card in the space below the window card layout, as shown below:
Tutorial 3

Do this for all properties on both the Front and Side Window card layouts.

Part 2

Step 1

Once you have checked every property on your Window Card Layout form, you can now add new properties to the layout.

First, go to the Properties for Sale page on the LJ Hooker website, and ensure you have selected to sort by "Listed Date". You will also need to check each property is not already in the window cards, so simply bring up the digital copy of the Window Card Layout excel sheet and CTRL+F search for each property.

Continue adding properties until there are no new properties to include.

Please note, when adding new properties to the window cards, it's best to group the auctions and the apartments and townhouses together as best you can (marked in red for auctions and blue for apartments below).
Tutorial 4
Tutorial 5

However, this is not always possible, so please consider this more of a guideline than a set rule.

Step 2

You may find there are more empty window cards than there are new properties. If this is the case, simply view our complete property list.

At the top of this list are a number of long-standing land properties, which do not need to be on the window cards every week. You may use these properties to fill out the empty window cards as needed, however be sure to search through the Window Card Layout file beforehand to ensure you don't double up.

Also, our Special Projects listings often feature several apartments at the same apartment complex (such as 7-15 Cremin Street), and these may also be used to fill out the empty window cards.

Similarly, you may find there are more new listings than there are free window card spaces. If so, simply search through the Window Card Layout for land listings and apartments from the same complex, and replace them.

Please note: You may find it easier to cross out land and apartment listings with a green pen, in order to easier differentiate them from listings that have been sold or withdrawn, as shown below:
Tutorial 6

This will also make it easier to add filler properties in later weeks, as you can simply check previous Window Card Layout sheets for properties you've used previously.

Part 3

Step 1

Once you have filled out the Window Card Layout sheet, you simply need to generate the window cards.

First, copy and paste this file address into your file browser:

F:\Dominic\AAA Thursday

This is where you will save the window cards once you've created them. First, go through each folder in this file and delete any old PDFs that have been saved here.

Step 2

Return to the Rex Dashboard and search for the properties you need to add, both those with new details and the entirely new listings.

When you've found a property to add, select the "Brochure" tab, and then the "Generate PDF" option (circled in red below).
Tutorial 7

This will open a popup window with a number of brochure options. Scroll down until you find the brochures named:

     A3 - WCAOnSite (Window Card Auction On Site)
     A3 - WCAInRoom (Window Card Auction In Room)
     A3 - WCListing (Window Card Normal Listing)
Tutorial 8

Select the template based on whether the listing is an auction on site, auction in rooms, or a regular listing.

Then, click on the "Generate" button, and the "Download Brochure" button.

Step 3

This will create a PDF window card of the property, which will look like this:
Tutorial 9

In some cases, the text may be too long, or not fit the layout appropriately. If so, simply edit it to your personal standards with the PDF editor.

Once you are happy with the window card's appearance, save it in the appropriate folder in F:\Dominic\AAA Thursday and move on to the next window card.

Please note: You may also wish to mark each completed window card in blue ink on the Window Card Layout as you complete it, as can be seen in the example in Part 2 - Step 2, however this is a personal preference.

Part 4

Step 1

Once you have created and saved every window card you need, you will need to print them off.

Print off two copies of each window card on A3 colour pages. Then, write the position of each window card on its back (G3, F5, I2 etc.) and place them in a pile.

Step 2

Once you have printed and noted every relevant window card, simply take them to the front office and place them in their appropriate spot. For each listing, place one window card facing outwards and one facing inwards, with at least one piece of paper between the two pages.

(This ensures the pages do not become transparent and difficult to read when the sun shines on them.)

Step 3

Once you have placed the window cards in their correct positions, simply update the Window Card Layout excel sheet with the new listings and information, as you will need to refer to this when updating the window cards next week.

You have now finished updating the window cards.

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