A New Render: Updating Brick Homes

Though they’re an excellent building material, bricks are becoming less and less fashionable, with the current trend to minimalism in design preferring the smooth look of a rendered exterior to the tradition brick walls of yesteryear. So if you want to update your look, what should you be after?

Keep It Simple

A big movement these days is to reduce designs to their most basic elements, stripping away flashy displays and leaving only the essentials. For the modern look, don’t try to bring in any fancy patterns or decorations when having your home rendered, and instead just go for an uncluttered clean surface across the entire exterior.

The Prime Directive

If you’ve had your home rendered, you’re probably also thinking of getting a new coat of paint too. In keeping with the minimal style, look at prime colours and neutral themes, like a dark red paired with either black or grey.

Having just one wall or property feature coloured while the rest of the house is more neutral means you can easily draw attention to a home’s highlights, without cluttering the property’s appearance.

Don’t Cut Corners

It’s easy to be put off by a big bill, but with renders you have to remember that you’re not just paying for a day, but lifetime.

A properly applied and maintained render can last for up to 25 years, while a poorly painted render can start to show damage after just six months, so don’t try to save a few dollars at the start when you know it can be far more costly later on.

If you’re not sure what look you want for your home, you can always check out our current properties for inspiration. We have houses of every size and style, so there’s sure to be something here to catch your eye.

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