Getting Started on Spring

It’s getting warmer and warmer, and with the Queensland winter notoriously short at the best of times, this is the perfect chance to get ready for the coming spring. That’s why today we’re looking at some fun and easy ways to spruce up your home for the sunny season.

Brighten Up
While winter’s a great time to embrace earthy colours and tones with your interior, spring is traditionally associated with blooming flowers and new life, so look at some new throw rugs or pillows for a cheap way to change the theme of a room. Cheerful yellows and greens are a safe choice, but you can also branch out with some light reds and oranges for a bouquet of bright colours.

Throw Open the Doors
Keeping cool is also an important part of any spring style, and leaving the front and back door is an easy way to blow a cool breeze through the house. Of course, you don’t want to let any mozzies and bugs in, so if your doors aren’t already screened, take a look at attachable mesh covers, which can be under $10, and are a quick fix for any entrance.

Bits and Pieces
Often when it comes to a restyle, there’s strength in numbers. For example, instead of getting one large pot plant, get several smaller ones and keep them together as a set. You can complete the look by buying some cheap bottles or vases from department stores.

Even though individually they might be unimpressive, matching flowers in matching pots create a strong visual impact when placed together, and can also be spread out on occasion to create a theme in several rooms.
Of course, these are just a few affordable options to brighten up your home as the weather warms, and we’ll have more to come, so make sure you check out our blog every week for more great ideas and suggestions.

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