Have Some Fun: What’s Close To You?

It’s an old saying in real estate, “Location, location, location.” It’s a cliché, but it’s still true that a big part of any home’s appeal is its location. When you highlight a property’s convenience, it’s easy to focus on schools and shops, but entertainment options are also a big seller, so consider looking at what’s nearby when you’re thinking of selling.

Some Time to Unwind

Though life's necessities should always come first, living without any chance to enjoy yourself isn’t really worth it. Things like cinemas and shops might not be the first thing a buyer considers when they’re looking at your home, it can be the difference between choosing two homes when all other factors are the same.

What Do People Want?

As Gen Y becomes a larger and larger part of the buying landscape, entertainment options are becoming more diverse.

You can always look at what pubs and clubs are close to you, but you should always consider other options, like seasonal festivals or cultural events that happen nearby, or even if there’s easy access to a stadium or sporting event from where you live.

Take a Look Around You

Even if there’s nothing on offer nearby, there could still be some beautiful nature walks or natural formations in and around your suburb. As books like Lost Brisbane, which compiles historic photos of Brisbane City and beyond, become more and more popular, the history of a suburb, and historical tours are becoming a widespread hobby for a lot of people.

Look at the history of your area, and see if there’s any important history in the area that you can highlight as well.

Of course, you can also follow our lifestyle Instagram account @lifestyle_ljhsbh to see some great events and entertainment options in our local area, so make sure you check it out to see what’s going on around you.

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