How to Buy

Your house can be the biggest buy you ever make; you don’t want to rush in and make a decision you’ll regret. That’s why today we’re talking about what to do when you want to buy. Luckily, there’s really only two questions you need to ask yourself: What do I want to live in, and where do I want to live?

Live and Learn

First, have a look around. Look at all types of different properties, both online and in-person, to get a feel for what you like. You can view all our available properties on our website, and also check the local papers for properties in your area.

School’s In Session

Schools are having a big impact on house prices, with the Domain Group finding house prices leaping by up to 40 per cent in some school catchment areas. If you’re thinking of buying, you can look at school catchment areas as a good indicator of the desirability of a location, and whether or not it will hold its appeal later on when you want to sell.

For example, Sunnybank State School’s catchment area has seen the third highest increase in the Greater Brisbane area over the past year. This is due to the strong reputation of the school, and can be a major selling point both now and in the future.
School children


You can ask us for a free quarterly report for any of the areas we service to give you an idea of the market in the area you’re interested in, and can also ask your local LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills specialist to give you a detailed explanation of what’s happening in their area.

Whatever you’re looking for, research and patience are always a good approach. Think things over before rushing in, and you’ll be in a much better position to get what you really want.