Autumn Restyle

As the days start to get a little shorter and a little colder, it’s time to prepare for the Queensland autumn. Even if autumns here are hotter than the summers elsewhere, it’s still going to get a bit chilly, so what better time to look at how you can restyle your home for the fall season?

A Bundle of Blankets
Keeping warm is key, so look at buying some decorative sheet and wraps for couches and comfy sofas. Whether you’re looking for something that completely covers the chair, or just something simple to lay across the top, finding the right sheet can not only bring out the natural colour of your furniture, it’s also a handy blanket to wrap yourself in on a cold night.

Brighten Up
Improving the lighting in a home doesn’t have to be an expensive procedure. Buying a few standalone lamps can be a cheap and easy way to brighten up a room, and help bring a cosy feel to the area. Also, certain heat lamps can bring the heat up and help keep you toasty when the cold starts to seep in.
It’s Curtains
It’s no secret that Queensland is a hot state, and as a result most homes here are built for when the mercury’s rising. While this is great in the summer, in chillier months it’s less ideal. A surprisingly large amount of heat can escape through glass windows, even if they’re closed. Invest in some heavy curtains to help keep you warm at nights without having to spend more on insulation.

Though we might never be known for our cold weather, these simple tips can help you avoid the worst of the season, even if it is a brief one. You can also always check out LJ Hooker's Styling to Stay magazine, which has heaps of great ideas all year round!

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