Revolution in Eight Mile Plains

Prepare for big changes in Eight Mile Plains! The new Brisbane Metro expansion, a recently announced high capacity, high frequency public transport system is set to change the face of Brisbane’s South.

This massive, revolutionary project will introduce new vehicles with a capacity of up to 150 passengers, as well as a 21 kilometre dedicated route and upgrades to 18 existing stations.

New metro lines have long been associated with property booms, with London, Shanghai and Hong Kong all seeing rises of between 20% and 40% in prices for properties along their new expansions. Just imagine how this will affect Eight Mile Plains! Already a highly-desirable location, this huge increase in connectivity is sure to be a big boost to the Gen Y demographic, and can bring untold numbers of future tenants to the area.

This will service two new lines: Metro 1, running between Eight Mile Plains and Roma Street stations, and Metro 2, running between the RBWH and UQ Lakes stations.

This new city planning initiative is just one of several factors set to make Eight Mile Plains a new social hub in Brisbane’s south side. With the nearby Garden City shopping centre recently undergoing a major $400 million redevelopment, and an increase in contemporary high-rise apartments in the area appealing to younger singles and couples, Brisbane continues to see a move away from inner-city living and into suburban expansion.

This new development opens exciting new possibilities for Eight Mile Plains, and is sure to increase both the desirability of the area, and the allure of properties like our boutique apartments at Centrus Park.

You don’t want to miss out, be ahead of the crowd and get in now!
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