Suburb Spotlight: Robertson

Each week we focus on a new suburb in our area, giving you the lowdown
on what’s happening all around Brisbane. This week we’re looking at Robertson.

Prices Growing
Robertson property prices have experienced a large growth in the past year,
rising by roughly 16.5% in the last year, significantly higher than the 4.3%
national average. For those who have bought here in the past, this means
they can expect strong returns on their initial payment.

Asian Appeal
Roughly 90% of buyers in Robertson are of Asian heritage, and as a result
the area has several Asian groceries and restaurants at the nearby Sunnybank
Plaza. As Robertson falls within both the Macgregor and Sunnybank State High
School catchment areas, these educational opportunities have a strong appeal
to families.

Houses and Homes
Of the roughly 1,200 properties in the area, around 900 are standalone houses,
with roughly 300 townhouses as well. As nearly 59% of residents in Robertson
are families or couples, houses have a clear appeal to buyers.

Robertson is an upmarket location, and is ideal for overseas buyers, or people
of Asian heritage looking for a cultural fit.

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