Staying Warm in Winter

It's now officially winter, but with the mercury dropping and the air biting, there's still a lot you can do to stay warm in the colder months.

Cold Comfort

Whether your home is large or small, the first job on your list should always be to winterize your house. This can be as simple as putting down some new rugs or mats on hardwood floors, or getting some door snakes to stop warm air from escaping under doors.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider getting thicker curtains. Even a closed window can still cause enormous amounts of heat to be lost through energy dissipation, and thick winter curtains can be a qucik and affordable way to help insulate inside.

A Layered Approach

You might have heard about wearing layers when you're out and about in the cold, and the same is true for your house. Look at putting some throw rugs on couches and chairs over the winter months; not only can they add a new style to older furniture, they're also an easy excuse to wrap yourself up at night to stay cozy.

Pillows are another cheap and easy way to both redecorate a room and add a bit of natural warmth to the area. Look at buying a set of five or so pillows, or even just repurpose a few you have lying around, and you can bring a whole new light to an old room.

The Great Indoors

If you have a backyard or courtyard, consider getting a fire pit. They can be bought from most gardening hardware stores, and are an easy way to bring some natural light and warmth to a cold and dark winter's night.

There's something magical about a live fire that helps people to relax and destress after a long day. Of course, you should always be sure to be safe when setting these up, but once you've got the hang of them, fire pits are a great way to get back to the basics and bring a traditional touch to any home.

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