The Queenslander

The Queensland: A Classic Aussie Design


If there’s one iconic style for properties in northern Australia, it’s the Queenslander. Traditionally a wooden home built on a raised platform with a front-facing verandah, they continue to be a popular design, even as more modern layouts and building materials reach our shores. But where did they first come from?

                                      The first ever Queenslander, built in Nundah

A Part of Queensland History
In 1909 the Queensland Government introduced the Workers Dwellings Act, with a goal of providing cheap accommodation to working people. Designed by State architects, the homes proved to be a hit, and more than 23,000 were built over the next 30 years.

Cool as a Cucumber

With an open layout, Queenslanders let the wind blow through, keeping cool during the hot Australian summers. Also, the raised design keeps the garage and living areas in a compact space, leaving more room for a backyard.


A Timeless Design

The enduring popularity of the Queenslander comes down to its simple design, its easy build, and its iconic look. As the great Australian poet R.J. Wilkins once said, “Nowhere else shall I rest with my band, than in a house built on rafters in Queensland.”

Though they’re less common than they once were, Queenslanders can still be found around Brisbane. If you’re looking for a more traditional house, get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.