Cassie Liddle

Senior Property Manager

Starting her second year with LJ Hooker, at the Sunnybank Hills office in February 2010, Cassie began as phone receptionist and arrears manager; achieving a record breaking 60% decrease in total arrears in the process.

After just nine months, Cassie was promoted to Property Investment Manager (managing properties in areas as diverse as Runcorn, Algester, Parkinson, Stretton, Acacia Ridge, and Logan Central), and also managing the Rental Maintenance Department for approximately six months during this time.

Focussed primarily in Runcorn, Cassie currently services a portfolio of 190 properties, while also managing properties for a select group of loyal multi-investment clients in Morningside, Tanah Merah, Rochedale South and Boronia Heights.

What our customers say

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I’ve been with LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills as a property owner for at least seven years, if not more. During these years, I remember Cassie Liddle has been the manager of my properties in Runcorn. I am unable to recollect a single event or conversation relating to either of my properties during this reasonably long period. Indeed, I admire Cassie’s prompt, appropriate and effective actions on matters relating to each of my properties, and I hope she will continue managing my properties for as long as I am with LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills.

Lokman Mia, owner in Runcorn

I want to thank Cassie Liddle for getting a tenant so quickly. I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that she is doing an outstanding job at both my properties. She always updates me regularly, ensures the properties are in good condition, looks after the tradies, ensures tenants pay the rent on time as well as water fees and, more importantly, carries out a very detailed tenants’ check to ensure my investment properties are safe. Whenever I have a chance or my friends ask me about a real estate I always tell them how lucky I am to have such a good property manager and suggest LJ Hooker to them. Thank you Cassie and I certainly hope that with such excellent job she will be recognised for her outstanding efforts.

Victor Arias, Landlord

Cassie Liddle has provided great service in managing my properties for the last five years. Living overseas, it’s critical I have a trustworthy and capable property manager. In all ways Cassie has exceeded my expectations, demonstrating consistently that she is proactive, able to make decisions on my behalf in my best interest, and providing guidance on property improvements to increase the return on my property. Cassie is prompt to respond to any of my queries and patient to walk me through the many questions I have. Thank you Cassie for your great customer service!

Kit, owner in Runcorn

Cassie Liddle is the property manager for my property in Boronia Heights (one of many, I'm sure). I am pleased to say Cassie Liddle has done an outstanding job for me, and I have to say that not only have I been pleased, but surprised and impressed by her performance. Perhaps you may say that she is just following process, in which case I have to say that I am equally pleased with LJ Hooker processes Her property inspection reports are detailed, thorough and informative. She identifies, informs and resolves issues promptly and is always ready to assist in any way she can. Although I have yet to meet her personally, she has earned my respect and trust. Finally, she presents a very warm and friendly face of the company to her clientele, and is a pleasure to deal with. The quality of any business is dependent upon the quality of its people. From my perspective, she is certainly a valuable asset to the business. In short, in my own personal experience, Cassie is the best property manager I have encountered. I have complimented Cassie many times, but I feel that I owe it to her and to LJ Hooker to say that this customer is very satisfied with the excellent service she is providing on behalf of LJ Hooker.

Stephen Ward, owner in Boronia Heights

I’ve been very impressed with LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills and Cassie Liddle and I would highly recommend them. I’ve moved houses, and bought and sold houses many times over the years, and believe you guys are the best agency and have the best agent I have had the pleasure of dealing with. The communication is regular, issues are dealt with quickly, the level of reporting goes into high detail and the whole process has been simple. I would highly recommend using LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills and Cassie Liddle, as she looks after properties, landlords, and tenants extremely well. Keep up the good work.


Last December, I registered my investment property with the Sunnybank Hills LJ Hooker franchise. I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to my property manager, Cassie Liddle. I have found Cassie to be highly professional in all my dealings with her. She has never failed to act promptly and diligently in attending to any maintenance or tenancy issues relating to the property. There have been quite a few maintenance issues I have asked Cassie to look after and I feel slightly guilty having to ask her to take care of them. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Cassie for her wonderful work. Incidentally, my partner had a property managed by a different Sunnybank firm and she experienced many disappointing exchanges with them, so I consider myself very lucky that I have Cassie working for me.

John Salmon, landlord

I just want to say how grateful and happy I feel with all the help and support I have received from Cassie Liddle. She has a very high work ethic and I feel so tranquil to know that she looks after our investment property. Thanks again Cassie for all your hard work and prompt responses.

Isabel Castro, owner in Boronia Heights

Cassie Liddle has been amazing from day dot three years ago. She has been very approachable, has a great work ethic, and always has a nice smile. She gets request done in a timely manner and has been the best agent for us by far. Cassie is a great asset to LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills and I wish her all the best.


I am writing to thank Ms Cassie Liddle, my property manager. She did an excellent job in keeping my property in good shape and keeping me informed about everything that happened in the unit. At the same time, she provided me with the professional advice to solve the problem that arose. She kept a good relationship between me and my tenant; she performed well as a bridge for us; she is responsible and is always ready to give me advice in case I need. I take this opportunity to thank her and I’m glad to see that she is in your team.

Mr Chan, owner in Runcorn

Cassie Liddle has been the best property manager I have ever worked with over the years. I wanted to say how much I have appreciated all she has done to assist me and to look after the tenants. Until I worked with Cassie, I had experienced frustration, turnover of tenants, and mix ups with repairs and payments to tradespeople. I live and work interstate and was able to continue to have the investment property solely because of Cassie's management. Cassie is intelligent, empathetic, caring, thorough, and willing to go the extra yard for both the investor and the tenant. As I said in the reference on her webpage, she looks after the property by looking after the tenants, she listens and acts promptly. Happy tenants = happy investors. Thank you for all LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills has done to help me and please pass on my compliments to Cassie.

Bronwyn, landlord in Runcorn