Donna Smith

Trust Account Controller

Donna is responsible for all monies and accounting functions for the Property Management trust account. Having had this role since 2008, she also carries with her seven years of previous Property Management experience.

Furthermore, her previous occupation within the insurance industry has caused her to form close relations and rapport with the LJ Hooker office for over a decade. Donna has also been the PIM Chapter Treasurer since January 2011.

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I wanted to mention that I spoke to Donna Smith this morning and wanted to express how helpful and professional she was - I’ve been trying to reconcile the numbers for my account and she explained everything to me - it’s people like a Donna that make me satisfied with your agent’s service and keep wanting to refer more properties over.


I am very impressed by your precise accounting and well-organised skill.

Wendy Chan

My wife and I purchased an investment rental property from LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills in September 2008. This is when we were introduced to Donna Smith. At this stage we had already researched other companies regarding the leasing of our newly acquired property so we did have options. From the first instance, Susanne and I were impressed with Donna Smith because of her low-key, knowledgeable, and friendly easy-going presence, but she was at the same time very informative and to the point. Donna gave us a short history of LJ Hooker as well as her time with the company and how they would manage our property. Never at any time did my wife or I feel we were being pressured into signing a contract. Donna just laid out the facts and how LJ Hooker would manage our property. During these last six years Susanne and I have found Donna Smith to be a uniquely knowledgeable and skilled hands-on professional Accounts Administrator. She is strong of character, highly ethical and a person with whom one can trust with great responsibility. She is very thorough and does not hesitate to communicate situations exactly the way they are. We have found Donna to be persistent and to always complete the task.

Paul and Susanne Ross

L J Hooker Sunnybank Hills have been managing multiple rental properties for The Harwood Family Trust and properties in our own names for many many years. Ms Donna Smith, Accounts Administrator, at the agents’ office has always looked after our needs in a most timely professional and friendly way. We have quite frequent communications and contact with Donna. As property owners who attend to maintenance issues if they arise and the ongoing requirement of Smoke Alarm servicing and testing, we get timely confirmation of when these issues need our attention and any other queries we may have. We now have the statements and owner rental payments coming through weekly, which we find to be beneficial in reducing the time it takes to have rental payments into our bank account. Donna achieves this outcome in her usual efficient manner. We are happy to be able to highlight the high level of service Donna provides in her position of Accounts Administrator to us and all of the many agencies’ clients.

Jim and Helen Harwood

Our firm acts as Chartered Accountants and external Trust Account Auditors for LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills. Donna Smith is the Trust Accounts Controller for the Property Management Division of LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills. We have always found Donna to be extremely obliging in assisting us when required. We have also found Donna to be a very competent, thorough and efficient Trust Accounts Controller. Donna demonstrates a keenness for systems improvement by recommending the adoption and implementation of systems that promote efficiency and effectiveness. Donna has proven to continually deliver a high standard of delivery and control over the Property Management Trust Accounts function. LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills has adopted a weekly disbursement cycle to its Property Management owners, which is a testament to the high level of service and dedication LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills provides to its clients. Compared to a bi-monthly disbursement cycle, a weekly disbursement cycle demands a greater level of input, monitoring and control of the Property Management trust funds and accounts, to ensure trust accounts continue to operate efficiently, effectively, timely and compliantly, which Donna has been able to consistently deliver. We feel that Donna is a true asset to the team at LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills.

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