What Do You Want in 2019?

What Do You Want in 2019?

By Dominic Hefferan on Jan 09 2019

A new year is the perfect time for a new you.

Property's a big part of everyone's lives, so it's only natural a lot of people have new year's resolutions about finding a new home, moving house, or taking the plunge and buying an investment. But what do you need to make your 2019 dream a reality? We're glad you asked.

Renting a Property
First, take a look at our website (sunnybankhills.com.au/renting) to see what's available, and what's in your price range. When you find something you like, book an inspection from the property's listing page.

When you're ready to apply for a property, make sure you've sorted out who you'll be living with, so everyone can apply at once, and be prepared to provide proof of ID and other information required on the application form.
Once you're successful, our Property Managers can help with your moving in process, and you can start living in your new home.
Buying a Property
Have a look at what's available on our website (sunnybankhills.com.au/buying), then contact the agent to book a viewing, or attend an open home inspection. You can also come into our office at 25 Pinelands Road, Sunnybank Hills to speak with our Home Loan Specialists about securing finance, or speak with any of our agents if you're looking to sell your own home as well.
When you're set, talk to the property's agent about making an offer, or attend an exciting auction to make your bid. Once you've secured your new property, we can also keep you up-to-date on your market with free quarterly reports and analysis, so make sure you keep in touch.
Investing in Property
Unlike buying a home, an investment property is more about finding a place that will deliver strong returns for what you've paid. If you're looking to invest, call our office on 3344 0288 to arrange a free consultation on what's possible, and what areas are best to buy.
Once you've found a place you like, look at what the average rental returns are for the location, and look at what you can afford. Then, just like with buying a home, you can talk with our Home Loan Specialists and agents to purchase the property you want.
As 2019 starts, this is a great time to get ahead of the market and make the most of the new year. Of course, if this all seems a bit overwhelming, you can always come into our office for a free chat about what your options are, so come see us today to see what we can do for you.

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