Do Your Homework

By Dominic Hefferan on Mar 26 2018

A house isn't just a home, it's also an investment into your future. While you always want to live somewhere that will make you happy, it's important to think about the resale value you'll get when you eventually come to sell, as this will most likely be how you finance your next buy. But what should be looking for then? We're glad you asked.

School's in Session
A good school is a great bonus for just about all buyers, especially as families become an increasing majority among homeowners. Unlike other factors, a school is unlikely to change much in terms of appeal and reputation, so even if you're not thinking about kids yourself, try to buy in a good catchment area, as this can be a big selling point later on.
On the Buses
Public transport is another big selling point. While bus stops can, and do, change location, major public transport hubs, like those at Garden City or Sunnybank Plaza, are unlikely to move any time soon, and these promise easy access to the city for future buyers, which can put you in a much better position when looking for buyers.

Keep it Simple
Though location is a big selling point, ultimately the house itself is what's on sale. When you're looking at buying, ask about the building materials and design to try to get a feel for how sturdy and reliable the property is.

You don't want to have to make expensive renovations if you can avoid it later on, so it pays to do a little research up front.
If all this seems a little bit too much, just remember that you're not just planning for your next home, but for the one after that too. Your home is your biggest asset, so you'll always want to get the best deal when you need to sell. Of course, you can always come to any of our open homes to get a feel for what's out there, so talk to us today to see what's on.