More Bang for Your Buck

More Bang for Your Buck

By Dominic Hefferan on Mar 26 2018

A lot of the time when it comes to selling, we recommend a restyle or renovation to help make your home stand out from the crowd. But if you're on a budget (and who isn't), you need to know what are the best areas to spend to get the most bang for your buck. There's three main regions to focus on, and today we'll show you all three.

The Frontage
The entry to your home is the first chance you have to make a good impression on buyers. If you have any cracked paint, or a tired and messy garden, you've already potentially lost money on your final sale price. Make sure your property's frontage is looking its best, and you're well on your way to a great result.

The Living Room
The living room is where you naturally spend most of your time, and buyers will have this in mind when they look through your property. Also, if you're going to auction, it's entirely possible the auction itself will be hosted here, so you don't want any distractions, like scuffed floors or faded curtains, to detract from this area's appeal.

The Kitchen
If the living room is the heart of a home, the kitchen is the nerve centre. In most houses it's also the room where the most work is done, and an outdated or damaged kitchen can affect the way an entire property is viewed. That's why you need to make sure everything here is working properly, and nothing looks out-of-date or unclean.

Of course, you can always have a free, confidential consultation from any of our agents for their expert advice on what's best for your property, so call us today to see how you can make your home look its best.