Sharing Needs Caring

By Dominic Hefferan on May 22 2018

All too often people rush into shared living without thinking about what their day-to-day life will actually be like. While there are a lot of benefits to splitting expenses in a share house, there's also a lot you need to consider. Whether you're a first-timer just out of home, or an experienced tenant, you could have a lot to learn, so today we're looking at our top three tips to sharing a house.

Chores Come First
Once you've decided on your housemates, and found a home, the very first thing you need to sort out is who's doing what. Though life doesn't always go according to plan, and there'll naturally be a bit of give and take, setting out some clear, simple rules about cleaning, cooking, and general housekeeping is a must to avoid fights and frustrations later.
The Money Matters
Though most times you'll just split bills and rent evenly among everyone, it's very important you all agree to this from the outset. Often, fights about money aren't about the actual cost, but more the idea that one or more people aren't paying their fair share, so if you're not planning on dividing everything, or if some expenses apply more to one person than everyone, make sure you sort this out at the outset.
Way Too Good at Goodbyes
Though no one really thinks about this when they move in, sooner or later you're going to move out. With a share house, it's rare that everyone comes to this conclusion at the same time. That's why it's important to discuss what you'll do if one or more tenants want to leave before the lease is up, and what that will mean for bills and rent after they're gone.
At the end of the day, living in a share house is a great opportunity to grow and learn from those around you, but it's important to respect those you live with, and make sure you head off any problems before they go too far. At LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills, we have a range of rental properties to suit any need, so talk to us today to see what we can do for you.

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